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The UK’s leading agronomy company

Agrii is the UK’s leading agronomy company, offering independent and innovative advice to arable producers. Backed by in-depth research, we have more than three hundred BASIS-trained advisers who share a ‘total crop management’ philosophy. They draw upon the most comprehensive knowledge base on all aspects of successful agronomy and work with their farming customers to adopt management systems that deliver high output and lower costs of production.

Agronomy Plus – An integrated approach

Agrii’s unique ‘integrated’ Agronomy Plus approach connects agronomy and use of inputs with wider farm-management objectives to ensure our customers can optimise all aspects of their farm profit equation.

Supported by a central technical resource

  • Our agronomists are supported by a comprehensive research and development capability, professionally generating independent Agri-intelligence data concerning all aspects of profitable crop production
  • The unique design of Agrii trials examines the interaction between all agronomy activities (cultivation method, seed and variety choice, nutrition, crop protection, spray application) and how these may be combined to best effect
  • Interesting results and concepts identified in trials are placed into our network of demonstration sites for further ‘road-testing’
  • These R&D sites host meetings for Agrii customers throughout the season, covering all areas of agriculture, with specialist speakers from within Agrii and from the wider industry
  • All our agronomists have access to the full range of central agronomy support services such as precision agronomy, technical hotline, regular bulletins, trials overviews, crop agronomy guidelines, experts in application, nutrition, varieties and compliance

Agronomy that understands the farm business

The advice offered by Agrii covers the following aspects of agronomy and integrated farm management, tailored to the specific requirements of individual customers:

Supporting your business

  • Maximising gross margins
  • Precision agronomy
  • Crop and variety selection and seed supply
  • Seed treatments
  • Nutrition management and fertiliser supply
  • Cultivation options
  • Soil health
  • Regular field inspection and crop protection supply
  • Evidence-based agronomy recommendations
  • Application methods
  • Product stewardship
  • Environmental management and grant applications
  • Fixed costs management and machinery analysis

How do we measure up?

Does your current supplier of agronomy….

  • Base their advice on transparent and independent trials data?
  • Examine the interaction of agronomy inputs in replicated trials – adopting a ‘solutions approach’ as Agrii does, rather than a ‘product approach’?
  • Have a central support resource, so you know your agronomist is up to date with the latest technology, legislation, farm business advice, cultivation methods etc?
  • Have access to a lively and interactive farm demonstration and discussion network like the Agrii Events programme?
  • Have a precision agronomy offer that is second to none?
  • Supply all agronomy inputs via an industry-leading distribution network?
  • Take a lead on wider issues affecting the agricultural community?

For more information

Use the ‘Ask us a question’ facility on this website to find out more.


Agronomy Plus Service SummaryAgronomy Plus Service Summary