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Crome Winter Oilseed Rape




LS Plant Breeding

Clubroot Hybrid

UK Wide


High gross output clubroot variety
Stiff, good light leaf spot resistance and early maturity

Variety Positioning

  • There continues to be strong demand for varieties with clubroot tolerance. This may reflect more cases of clubroot driven by the acidic soils in the North, stubble turnips in mixed farming areas or other brassicas in the rotation (e.g. in cover crops).
  • Crome is valued for its consistent yield (95% treated, 78% untreated) with a very high oil content (45.6%).
  • It has a reasonable speed of development in the autumn (7) and grows away quickly in the spring (8).
  • It is of moderate height (149 cm), with a stiff canopy (8) (9) and medium-late maturity (5) (4).
  • Reasonable light leaf spot resistance (7) (7) but weak against phoma/stem canker (4), so this needs to be monitored in the autumn and spring and sprayed for, as appropriate.
  • Excellent tolerance of Verticillium wilt (7).


Numbers in red – Agrii Advisory List data.
Numbers in black – AHDB Recommended List

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Crome WOSR

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