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SY Craft

SY Craft





2-row Malting

SY 208-56 x SY Venture


The most popular 2-row winter malting variety in the UK

Consistent high yields and stiff straw

Variety Positioning

  • Craft remains the UK’s number one winter malting barley with full MBC approval.

  • Performs consistently in Agrii trials with high yields (93% treated, 80% untreated), good specific weight (69.9 kg/hl).

  • Preferred by the maltsters for its relatively high malt extract
    (308 l deg/kg) and low grain nitrogen (1.68%). 

  • Performs best on lighter soils (94%). Moderately tall (91 cm treated, 99 cm untreated) with medium risk of lodging (8 untreated, 8 treated) and medium maturity (0). 

  • Relatively good disease resistance against mildew (6) (6), brown rust (7) (6), Rhynchosporium (6) (6) but net blotch is weak (5) (3) so this needs to be monitored.

  • Resistant to barley yellow mosaic virus.

Numbers in bold – Agrii Advisory List data
Numbers in standard text – AHDB Recommended List data


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SY Craft

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