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Soil Resilience Strategy

Our Soil Resilience Strategy

The Soil Resilience Strategy (SRS) is our R&D-based soil service.

It uses physical, chemical and biological soil assessments with scientific interpretation to develop strategies that help farmers and growers to achieve their overall objectives and become more sustainable.

Whether it be to explore how much carbon is stored in a field, understand why certain areas are underperforming or generally to establish a baseline before making changes to the business, the SRS offers a flexible set of packages which can be tailored to any farm. Combining both laboratory and in-field assessments, the SRS aims to provide practical soil management solutions and help maximise the potential of your crops.


“As well as concentrating the attention on some of the best areas for and ways of improving both immediate farm productivity and long-term sustainability, our SRS provides an ideal foundation for making the most of the evolving SFI soil standards payments.”
Amy Watkins, Agrii Sustainability Project Manager


An Introduction to the Soil Resilience Strategy

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The Agrii Soil Resilience Strategy

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What can the SRS offer?

  • Flexible packages – tailored to your objectives and management practices
  • Service to suit you – from full soil structural and infiltration assessments to monitoring carbon stratification
  • Practical solutions – science-based action plans based on your business resources and objectives
  • Maximise your potential – combined with our digital services, the SRS enables you to improve efficiency on your farm

Components of Soil Resilience

Components Of Soil Resilience Strategy

Growing Resilient Soils


At the core of any sustainable farming system is a healthy and resilient soil.

The SRS in Practice

A healthy soil is at the heart of any sustainable food system, and our agronomy advice is tailored from the ground up.

The SRS enables us to identify opportunities to maximise the potential of each crop that our customers grow.

SRS In Practice

Do you want to know how sustainable your soils are?