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Our expertise is deep and varied because we built Agrii by combining specialised companies over the last 30 years

Let's find out more about how Agrii helps with more about sustainable farming and the production of safe, affordable and healthy food

Now is the time to branch out

Diversification can help mitigate risks to your business while providing new revenues and market opportunities.

But starting a new vineyard is a daunting task.
That’s why Agrii offers bespoke vineyard establishment services to help you get started on the right foot.

Agronomy and Crop Protection Experts

Our team of expert agronomists has extensive experience in vineyard management and new vineyard establishment.

We understand the challenges you may face, and we’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish.

We’ll help you select the right grape varieties for your location, and we’ll work with you to design a vineyard layout that maximises yield and promotes vine health.

Our agronomists have access to the latest soil mapping and sampling techniques enabling them to give the best advice on suitable rootstocks and nutrient plans to meet the needs of your specific situation.

We offer integrated pest management services to protect your vines against pests and diseases, and we can provide advice on sustainable farming practices to minimise your impact on the environment.

Partner with us, and you’ll have a team of experts by your side to help you establish your vineyard and achieve your goals.

We can help you manage your crop.

LISTEN - Farm Diversification: Branching Out with Rowles Farm

What is the best approach to take when looking at new ventures and what can it bring to farm businesses. Identical twins Tom and Will and their sister Georgie are third generation farmers, based in West Berks since 1969. The vineyard was established in 2021.

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