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Agrii Vegetable Seed Enhancement

Agrii’s Vegetable Seed Enhancement (VSE) service, is a new facility based at our Throws Farm Technology Centre in Essex. It allows high value vegetable seed to be treated with the greatest precision, temperature and moisture-control care, for the best seed quality and protection.

The Agrii VSE team is currently working with onions, carrots, parsnips, leek and spinach, with expansion planned into other high-value vegetable seeds in 2023. Treatments provided include biologicals, biostimulants and nutrition – all targeted at enhancing seed establishment.

Our VSE business acts as a third party processor operating on behalf of vegetable seed houses. For more information on how to order, please contact your local seed house,  or for more information on specific treatments, the VSE Manager Kateryna Prilutska.

The environment is at the heart of Agrii VSE

Treated seed is packaged in durable paper bags

Our aim is to provide our customers with an environmentally responsible and sustainable option for treating vegetable seed:

  • All of our treatments and packaging are microplastic-free.
  • We use naturally-derived polymers with non-microplastic pigment colourings for better field visibility.
  • Our range focuses on biosolutions, and we use Agrii’s R&D trials expertise to screen the many forms of biological treatment available, only taking on those that actually work.

Enhancing crop establishment

The Agrii VSE team is continually assessing and investigating the full range of biological and nutritional options available for vegetable seed treatments to select only those proven to provide benefit to the seed in its early growth stages – enhancing early vigour and establishment.




Images: Examining establishment of treated seed (left and middle) and testing biodegradable pigments for pelleted onion seed (right).

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