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Breeder: DSV Printable PDF
Region: UK WIDE Type: TuYV Tolerant Hybrid

Variety Positioning

  • The highest gross output candidate in official trials and performed well in Agrii’s trials last year (106%) with high untreated yields (90%) and medium-high oils (44.7%).
  • Suitable for all regions including the far North where its excellent Light Leaf Spot resistance (7) will be valued. It is vigorous in the autumn and spring with early flowering (6) and mid-maturity (5). Medium height (157 cm) with excellent lodging resistance (8) and stem stiffness (8) and medium maturity (5).
  • The only downside of the variety is its relatively low resistance to Phoma/Stem Canker (4) so this needs to be sprayed for in the autumn and spring. It also has excellent pod shatter resistance.

Data source: www.cereals.ahdb.org.uk/
Ratings in red = Agrii Advisory List