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Breeder: Senova Printable PDF
Type: 2-row Feed Pedigree: 207-589 x Sandra

Variety Positioning

  • High treated (96%) and untreated (83%) yields in Agrii trials over the past two years and an excellent specific weight (70.9 kg/hl, AHDB). Similar performance in official trials with very low screening losses.
  • Suitable for all regions including Scotland and has shown consistent performance across both heavy and light soils.
  • Relatively tall (86 cm treated, 94 cm untreated), stiff straw (8) and medium maturity. Its grassweed competitiveness is still being evaluated at Stow Longa.
  • Good all-round disease resistance against mildew (6), Rhynchosporium (6l) and net blotch (6) but weaker on brown rust (4), Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

Data source:

For detailed Agrii data and the latest disease scores speak to your local seed specialist or Agrii agronomist.