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Regional Suitability: North Pedigree: HEAR Hybrid



RoccaVariety Positioning

  • Agrii’s number one High Erucic Acid Rape (HEAR) variety that has proven attractive in the North where there is now a significant acreage. Care is needed in the rotation and during storage and transport to minimise the potential to contaminate ‘00’ or HOLL crops.
  • Rocca is the preferred variety for the North because of its vigorous growth habit, excellent Light Leaf Spot resistance and early maturity. Suitable for all soil types and best drilled in the main drilling window.
  • It produced a medium height canopy but it requires a robust PGR programme as it has only moderate stem stiffness.
  • While it has excellent Light leaf Spot resistance it is only average for Phoma/Stem Canker resistance so monitor for this disease and spray as appropriate.

[Data supplied by LSPB]