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Breeder: Pioneer Printable PDF
Type: EAST, WEST & YORKS Pedigree: Clearfield Hybrid


Variety Positioning

  • The only Clearfield candidate on the UK Recommended List. Yielding at a similar level to
    DK Imperial and DK Impresario but it shows improved Light Leaf Spot resistance.
  • Vigorous in the autumn but it has a slower speed of development than the Dekalb
    hybrids. This could be useful for early drilling, more fertile situations or in more open
    autumn conditions. Stiff canopy, excellent Stem Canker resistance and early maturity
    mean make this a variety to watch in a rapidly expanding sector of the market.
  • No information of Verticillium tolerance at this stage.

~ The full AHDB dataset is available
# AHDB control Yields UK (5.4t/ha), E/W (5.4 t/ha), North (5.6 t/ha)