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Why choose RHIZA?

Making informed precision farming decisions is not easy but Agrii can help. By providing you with an unrivalled precision farming data service backed by expert agronomist knowledge, you can ensure that the application of your inputs is timely, focused and, most importantly, leads to the best margin for each field. Wherever you are with adopting precision farming technology, we can help and guide you to develop its potential and harness the benefits for your business.

Getting started – really know your soils

Really getting to know your soils is an important step for enhancing crop performance and maximising the efficient use of inputs. On many farms, large variation in soil texture and depth has a big impact on yield. We can scan your fields at two soil depths – shallow (0-30cm) and deep (30-90cm) – and use this information to create management zones. Within these we can examine the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

This provides us with a clear understanding of the profile of your soils and enables us to create zones for each of your fields. Using our agronomists’ knowledge we can use the data captured from these zones to drive precision farming forwards for your business.

Once these zones are made, they don’t change unless the earth moves! Your field soil zones can be used in your crop management throughout the year and for many years to come.

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RHIZA Precision Services equip you with accurate information to better target management effort and resources on your farm:

  • Nutrient analysis – ensure samples are only taken in optimum locations, reducing cost and providing more accurate information
  • Seed – vary seed rates to achieve optimum plant counts
  • Nitrogen – better understand variations in soil type and adapt applications accordingly
  • Yield potential – manage soil zones differently to reduce variation and ensure the best gross margin is achieved
  • Pests – target seed rates and slug pellet applications to improve plant stands and avoid leaching
  • Cultivations – detailed zone maps enable cultivations to be varied for optimum establishment
  • Environmental – better targeting helps you comply with increasing legislative requirements

RHIZA Precision Farming Specialists

Region Contact Number
South Nathan Lewis 07817139208
Midlands John Greenman 07741263167
North Fraser Rennie 07545927478

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