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Breeder: Limagrain Printable PDF
Regional Suitability: EAST, WEST & YORKS Pedigree: Conventional


NikitaVariety Positioning

  • Achieved a significant market share despite a one-year delay in getting its Recommended List recommendation. High oils, stiff straw and one of the best Light Leaf Spot ratings for a conventional variety.
  • There is evidence to suggest that it performs best on medium/heavy and more fertile soil types. Very vigorous and early to get away in the spring, early to flower and then a long pod fill period to maximise yield. Best drilled in the main drilling window but it can go into September if conditions remain good. It grows to a medium height and is very stiff so it only requires a standard PGR programme even on more fertile sites.
  • It has outstanding Light Leaf Spot resistance but it is weak on Phoma so this needs monitoring. It has also shown excellent tolerance to Verticillium wilt wherever this was assessed in Agrii’s trials.

~ The full AHDB dataset is available
# AHDB control Yields UK (5.4t/ha), E/W (5.4 t/ha), North (5.6 t/ha),
Agrii control yields (4.3 t/ha)