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Breeder: Secobra Printable PDF
Type: 2-Row Feed Pedigree: Basilic x Cassia


Variety Positioning

  • Memento is the highest yielding conventional winter barley in both 2017 and in the past three years Agrii’s trials. Surprisingly it was mid-table in AHDB trials and consequently did not get on to the Recommended List. Also the high untreated yields in Agrii’s trials are a good reflection of its disease resistance. It also has an exceptionally bold grain with a consistently higher specific weight than KWS Cassia which has been the standard for feed varieties on the Recommended List.
  • Suitable for all regions and soils. It will have particular appeal to KWS Cassia growers in the West and North who have come to expect big bold grain. It is short and very stiff and early to mature making it an ideal entry for oilseed rape.
  • It has good resistance to Brown Rust and Rhynchosporium and its only weakness is Mildew (3) which may limit it in the North.
  • Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

Data source: UK National List