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KWS Sassy

Breeder: KWS UK Printable PDF
Type: Distilling (Scotland) Pedigree:  Concerto x Publican


Variety Positioning

  • Added to the Recommended List last year KWS Sassy has been under evaluation for Distilling and now carries Malting Barley Committee (MBC) approval for Distilling.
  • Agrii trials data has put yields some way above Concerto but not quite at the level of Laureate in Scotland and on a UK basis, although AHDB has the performance closer together in the North. Sassy does produce grain of a better specific weight and low screening losses.
  • Tall straw of a similar height to Concerto but like Concerto a bit weaker than average. Disease resistance likewise is similar to Concerto but a little better on Rhynchosporium. Brackling resistance is lower than average.

Further information from the breeder can be found here

The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List. The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here