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KWS Lili

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Type: Group 2, Bread and Export Pedigree: KWS Horizon X Timaru


KWS LiliVariety Positioning

  • Starting to drop back as disease resistance has declined but still retains a loyal following. Mainly grown as a feed wheat but accepted both for lower specification domestic milling and export markets at 11.5% protein. Higher proteins are difficult to achieve in practice.
  • Suitable for all soil types, both heavy and light, and it is short and stiff and is straightforward to manage. It is much stiffer than KWS Siskin and will remain a better choice for more fertile ground. Best grown as a first wheat as its second wheat performance has been relatively poor. It is the only milling wheat that is suitable for early drilling otherwise drill it in the main drilling window through to the end of October
  • Moderate tillering capacity and a reasonably competitive growth habit against black-grass. It has slightly later maturity, similar to KWS Santiago, which is still quite acceptable to most
  • Its retains reasonable Septoria tritici resistance but is showing increasing susceptibility to Brown Rust (2.8) and Yellow Rust (6) where the Agrii disease ratings are lower than the official ones. It is also showing declining untreated yields suggesting that fungicide inputs need to be maintained or increased
  • Orange Wheat Blossom Midge needs monitoring and spraying for, as appropriate.

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