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KWS Hawking


Breeder: KWS Breeder PDF
Type: 2-row Feed Pedigree: (11-12 x California) x KWS Tower

Variety Positioning

  • A new addition to the Recommended List and a relatively high yielding two row type in Agrii trials in 2019 (101%) with high untreated yields (82%) and good specific weight (67.3 kg/hl). Official trials suggest that while it has bold grain it has relatively high screening losses, like KWS Glacier.
  • Suitable for all regions and soil types with its best performance in the East (106%) and on heavier soils (106%). Relatively tall (90cm) but responds well to PGR (84cm) and can be considered a lower lodging risk variety when treated with a PGR programme. Its competitiveness against Blackgrass is being evaluated at Stow Longa. Medium-late maturity.
  • trials demonstrate good resistance to Mildew (6) and Net Blotch (5) but its Brown Rust (3) is significantly weaker that the official rating. The official Rhynchosporium rating is 6.
    Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

Data source:

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