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KWS Glacier


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Type: 2-Row Feed Pedigree: Retriever x KWS Cassia


KWS GlacierVariety Positioning

  • Once the most widely grown winter barley but now starting to decline. It had a wide geographical appeal but it performed best in the East where it became a significant variety helping growers to extend their rotations. Its best performance is on heavy land and it cansometimes match the hybrids on higher potential sites.
  • A high tillering variety with a prostrate growth habit. It is relatively short, moderate stem stiffness and relatively early in its maturity. Lodging was been an issue on some farms and this prompted as shift towards KWS Tower and more recently KWS Orwell. Ensure that a robust PGR is used especially on high potential or fertile sites.
  • A reasonable disease package but weak on Mildew and Rhychosporium where it is weaker than other leading varieties and needs monitoring. Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

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