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KWS Crispin

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Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: Conqueror x Timaru


Variety Positioning

  • A hard feed variety with a good grain size that is niched for later drilling. Mid-ranking in
    terms of treated yield but a high untreated yield that reflects its good disease resistance.
  • Suitable for the East and West regions and consistent across different soil types. However,
    fertile soils should be avoided due to its high lodging risk. A very fast developing variety
    so it should only ever be drilled from mid October onwards and in this situation it
    performs well. Best grown as a first wheat as its second wheat performance is relatively weak. Agrii’s dedicated lodging trials show it to be weak stemmed (4 untreated, 5 treated) so a robust PGR programme is essential. Medium tillering capacity so seed rates need to be increased. Its grassweed competitiveness is still being assessed at Stow Longa.
    Medium maturity (+1).
  • Excellent Mildew (7) and Yellow Rust (9) and reasonable Septoria tritici (5.5) resistance
    but very weak against Brown rust (3.2).
  • Resistance to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

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