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KWS Basset

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Type: Group 3, Biscuit and Export Pedigree: Cassius X Scout


KWS BassetVariety Positioning

  • KWS Basset increased its market share in 2017 with strong demand and premiums from the biscuit market. It remains one of the highest yielding biscuit wheats in Agrii’s trials over the past four years with its good grain quality and is widely acceptance for domestic milling and for uks export. It is not accepted for distilling.
  • Suitable for key markets in the East, although it can be grown elsewhere including Scotland. Wide suitability across soil types including both heavy and lighter soils and as a first or second wheat. As it is relatively fast in its speed of development so it should not be drilled early but is suitable for the main drilling window and later drilling too.
  • Seed rates need to be increased as it has only moderate tillering capacity but Stow Longa trials results show that it is still very competitive against black-grass. It produces straw of medium height that is very stiff and it has medium maturity.
  • Reasonable resistance against Yellow Rust but weak on Septoria tritici (4.0) and Brown Rust (3.9). This average disease package is reflected in relatively low untreated yields in Agrii’s trials. Medium straw height, stiff and later to mature (+2). It is resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.
  • KWS Basset will continue to be in strong demand from the millers but it is likely to decline once Elicit establishes itself in the market.

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