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KWS Barrel

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 Type: Group 3, Biscuit and Export  Pedigree: Bantam X Viscount


KWS BarrelVariety Positioning

  • The acreage of KWS Barrel increased in 2017 due to strong demand from biscuit market following undersupply in 2016. It has performed particularly well in the North both in Recommended List trials and Agrii’s Scottish trials where it has produced consistently high yields over three years. Good physical grain quality with a 220 Hagberg and 76kg/hl specific weight but is rated as ‘poor’ for distilling. It is readily accepted by domestic biscuit markets, the soft export market or it can be simply grown for feed.
  • A very stable variety across the country but especially in the North. Also stable across soil types and with some evidence to suggest that it performs well on lighter soils. It also shows reasonable second wheat performance. Although it has a very slow speed of development it can be drilled late.
  • Produces a relatively short stiff straw with probably the best standing characteristics of any of the biscuit varieties. It also has relatively early maturity
  • Reasonable disease resistance profile with good Mildew and Yellow Rust ratings but its Septoria tritici resistance is relatively poor (3.8) and Brown Rust weaker that its official rating suggests (4.2). For this reason it should not be drilled too early. It responds well to foliar fungicide inputs – in trials is givens relatively low untreated yields. It has Orange Wheat Blossom Midge resistance.
  • KWS Barrel will continue to have strong demand in the North but its acreage in the East and South are likely to decline once Elicit is established in the market.

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