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Regional Suitability: E&W Region Type: Clearfield Hybrid

InV1035Variety Positioning

  • Identified in Agrii Early-Lines trials two years ago for its stand-out vigour in the autumn and spring. Average yields (93% treated) but very high oil content (46.2%) in Agrii’s trials last year. It also performed well in a Northern NIAB-TAG trial last season (108%) where it outperformed all of the other Clearfield varieties including Matrix CL. This may have been due to its higher oil content and improved disease resistance.
  • Suitable for all soils but probably best grown no further north than Yorkshire. Its excellent crop vigour (8 autumn, 8 spring) complements the Clearfield System by providing early competition for difficult weeds and helps offset the damaging effects of cabbage stem flea beetle larvae. The tallest Clearfield variety tested by Agrii (145 cm) with good stem stiffness (8), average lodging resistance (8) and early maturity (7).
  • A significant step up in light leaf spot resistance (5) compared with Matrix CL (5) but it still needs to be watched and sprayed for. Light leaf spot generally remains a weakness in Clearfield varieties with the exception of DK Imprint (6) but this is 8% lower yielding. InV1266 CL has improved genetics including pod shatter resistance and RLM7 phoma/stem canker (6) resistance.

Data source: Agrii Advisory List

InV1266 CL Hybrid OSR

Filmed at Bishop Burton, Yorkshire – June 2021


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