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Hyvido Sunningdale

Breeder: Syngenta Printable PDF
Type: 6-Row Feed Hybrid Barley


SunningdaleVariety Positioning

  • The highest yielding hybrid in the North. Intermediate in height between Bazooka and Belfry but slightly weaker in the stem. Its excellent all round disease resistance is reflected in its high untreated yields. While specific weight is slightly lower than Bazooka it is still respectable and screening losses are significantly lower than Volume.
  • Good yield stability across seasons and its best performance is in the North but it should not be niched in this region. Evidence suggests that its best performance is on the medium or lighter soils where it performs better than any other barley variety. Drill up to the end of October. It has a high tillering capacity, relatively tall and early maturity.
  • Similar lodging resistance to Volume so it is best suited to lighter or less fertile soils. Continue to manage inputs the same way as Volume and use a robust PGR programme to manage the straw (e.g. Alatrin Evo).
  • A good set of disease resistance ratings which are similar to Bazooka but with slightly better Mildew resistance. Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

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