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Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: Expert X Premio


GrahamVariety Positioning

  • A high output hard-feed and Agrii’s second biggest selling wheat variety, doubling its acreage in autumn 2017. It delivered consistently high yields in Agrii’s trials network over the past four years due mainly to its good disease resistance and bold grain. It also has one of the highest untreated yields of any variety.
  • Widely grown in all regions of the UK except Scotland although the official trial data suggests that its strongest performance is in the West. This can be directly attributed to its outstanding Septoria tritici resistance. It is best grown on medium and heavier soils and light land should be avoided. Also best grown as a first wheat as its second wheat performance is relatively poor
  • Graham has slow autumn speed of development and is ideal for early drilling but equally it can be drilled late. It was the top yielder in Syngenta’s early drilled trials at a number oftheir sites. It has a very prostrate autumn growth habit with medium/high tillering capacity so seed rates can be reduced where necessary. Reasonable competitiveness against black-grass.
  • Graham is moderately tall and it is very stiff although take care on very fertile sites. It is also slightly earlier to mature (-1) than its rating suggests.
  • Apart from a low Eyespot rating, it has a very strong disease resistance profile especially for Yellow Rust and Septoria tritici with moderate resistance to ear blight. However, it is very weak on Brown Rust (4) and this needs to be managed.
  • It is not resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

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