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Type: 6-Row Feed Conventional Barley


FunkyVariety Positioning

  • A conventional six-row winter barley with great potential. Not only does it have excellent all-round disease resistance, it yields at a similar level to the leading hybrids together with a relatively high specific weight which is unusual in conventional 6-row types. Consequently, Funky is likely to be the first conventional 6-row to truly perform in the East and West region and may prove to be a good alternative to hybrids in the black-grass affected areas of England.
  • High yield stability across seasons, regions and soil types. Its only downside appears to be the very high screening losses and a relatively low thousand grain weight.
  • It has a high tillering capacity and, while it is relatively tall, it is not quite as tall as the hybrids. It is also very stiff. Agrii seed rate trials suggest that there is no specific benefit from reducing seed rates. Trials at Stow Longa also suggest that it is equally competitive against black-grass as the hybrids.
  • Funky has excellent all round disease resistance and this is reflected in high untreated yields. Rhynchosporium is one of the principal diseases of barley and Funky has shown strong resistance to this as well as Net Blotch. Resistant to Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

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