Agri intelligence

DK Platinium

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Type: EAST, WEST & YORKS Pedigree: Clubroot Hybrid


Variety Positioning

  • Performed well in independent CMI trials two years ago and last season it out-performed Archimedes by 10% at two Scottish ifarms sites, Carnoustie and Inveruie. It also took a significant commercial area last autumn after the former Recommended List candidate, DK Pliny, failed to meet expectation. Its yield potential is similar to the new Recommended List candidate, Crome.
  • Faster speed of development than Mentor but it is not as quick to grow away in the autumn or spring as Archimedes. Relatively short and excellent lodging resistance, early to flower and mid-late maturity.
  • Its disease resistance is only average but there is evidence from Agrii’s trials to suggest that its Light leaf Spot resistance is slightly better than the official rating.
  • There is no information on its Verticillium wilt tolerance so far.

[data supplied by Monsanto]
* Agrii control Yields (4.3 t/ha)