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DK Imperial CL

Breeder: Monsanto Printable PDF
Regional Suitability: East, West & Yorks Pedigree: Clearfield Hybrid



DK Imperial CLVariety Positioning

  • The UKs leading Clearfield with average yield but reasonably high oil content. Clearfield is now a significant market sector and the acreage is expected to grow again this autumn
    due to the high brassica weed burden in some crops and increasing concern of crop rejection for Erucic acid contamination. Clearfield interest is also being driven by a move towards post emergence herbicide use.
  • Used in high Charlock, Runch or Hedge Mustard situations, the genetics confer herbicide tolerance to the ALS herbicide sold in Cleravo (imazamox/quinmerac). The herbicide gives excellent broad-spectrum post emergence weed control including volunteer cereals.
  • Suitable for all soil types, regions and for drilling in the main drilling window through to late drilling. Very vigorous in the autumn and moderately quick to grow away in the spring but relatively late to flower and mature. Very tall with good standing characteristics.
  • The first Clearfield hybrid to include the RLM7 Stem Canker resistance and the pod shatter genetics. Its Light Leaf Spot resistance looks much weaker than Monsanto’s rating and it is relatively susceptible to Verticillium wilt so take care in the Eastern counties.

# Agrii control yields (4.3 t/ha)