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DK Exclaim

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Regional Suitability: North Pedigree: Hybrid



DK ExclaimVariety Positioning

  • A high gross output variety from Monsanto and their replacement for DK Explicit. It narrowly missed an official recommendation in spite of it producing outstanding yields especially in the North. With good disease resistance it produced one of the highest untreated yields in Agrii’ national network of trials and was the third highest gross output hybrid over the past two years. Excellent results from independent NIAB-TAG trials in 2015. Currently out-yields the other market leading varieties from Monsanto, DK Extrovert and DK Exalte.
  • Suitable for all soils but it is probably best suited to lower fertility sites, brash or Wold soils where the size of the crop will be a distinct advantage. Relatively wide drilling window including later drilling into September. Suitable for all regions.
  • Reasonably stiff but a full PGR programme should be considered especially on heavier or more fertile sites site to control its height as it is very tall. Vigorous in the autumn and a little slower to grow away in the spring. It has medium flowering and maturity.
  • Top level disease resistance combining the RLM7 Stem Canker with good Light Leaf Spot resistance. Relatively consistent in the presence of Verticillium too. Contains the pod shatter resistance gene that is now widely deployed in Dekalb hybrids.

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The data presented here is a partial abstraction from the AHDB Recommended List.  The complete data set is available on the AHDB website here