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DK Exalte

Breeder: Monsanto Printable PDF
Regional Suitability: UK wide Pedigree: Hybrid



DK ExalteVariety Positioning

  • Agrii’s number one selling variety recognised for its fast speed of development in the autumn, ability to cope well with tough conditions and delivers a consistently high gross output. It continues to perform well in Agrii’s trials and has proven itself on-farm over the past four years.
  • Ideal choice for all soils and particularly medium and heavier soils. It is also suitable for all areas of the UK and Agrii’s sales reflect this. With fast speed of development in the autumn it should be drilled no earlier than mid-August and through into early September. It is very early to get away in the spring and early to flower. It is not a particularly large
    hybrid and it has better standing characteristics than DK Extrovert. Best drilled at 40 to 50 seeds/m2 and use an appropriate PGR programme at the start of stem extension in the spring.
  • One of the highest combined disease resistance ratings currently available. It doesn’t get much better than RLM7 Phoma genetics and a ‘Cuillin’ level of Light Leaf Spot resistance. Both help towards increased yield security and improved targeting of fungicide and PGR inputs. Pod shatter resistance will help minimise harvest losses and reduce volunteer return.
  • One of the varieties least affected by Verticillium wilt where it was assessed in Agrii’s trials over the past three years

# Agrii control yields (4.3 t/ha)