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Breeder: Secobra Printable PDF Version
Type: Group 4, Hard Feed Pedigree: (Equinox X Charger) X Defender

DickensVariety Positioning

  • A hard feed wheat with consistently high yields, bold grain and relatively early maturity. It has given consistent performance over the past seven years. Two years ago it captured the headlines for setting the world record for yield.
  • Suitable across all regions of the UK and all soil types with particularly good results on lighter soils. It should be drilled anytime from mid-September onwards and is suitable for late drilling. Delivers anywhere in the rotation either as first, second or continuous wheat but in this case Eyespot will need monitored and sprayed for. It also seems to cope well with drought conditions and has performed well in the drier East.
  • Medium-fast speed of development and a prostrate early growth habit, medium tillering capacity and average competitiveness against black-grass. It produces an average straw length and is relatively stiff in most situations but it will still benefit from a good PGR programme under fertile conditions. Relatively early to mature.
  • Septoria tritici is its main weakness (3.7) but Brown Rust is starting to be more evident (4.6) but retains excellent Yellow Rust (8.9) and Mildew (7.0) resistance.
  • It is important to monitor and spray for Orange Wheat Blossom Midge at early flowering.

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