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Breeder: Limagrain UK  Printable PDF
Type: Group 1, Bread and Export Pedigree: Cordiale X Gulliver


CrusoVariety Positioning

  • Remains a significant variety but starting to drop back now that KWS Zyatt has entered the market. Remains a leading Group 1 milling wheat and recognised for its high yield and the ability to lay down protein efficiently. It has good grain characteristics and higher protein levels than the other milling varieties. Crusoe is accepted by both domestic and export markets. Still widely grown for feed especially in the West where its Septoria resistance is key but its weakness on Brown Rust is forcing some growers to move away
  • It is suitable for all regions of the UK except for Scotland. Performs consistently well across all soil types although it can quickly lose tillers under stress conditions. Medium/fast in its speed of development it is best drilled in the main drilling window and not ideal for either early or late drilling. Average performance as a second wheat similar and slightly later to ripen than other varieties in this category.
  • A moderate to high tillering capacity and semi-erect growth habit that is moderately competitive against grass weeds. Short and relatively stiff straw with the very characteristic ‘wax-less’ appearance. It has medium maturity.
  • Excellent disease resistance is especially strong against Yellow Rust, Mildew and Septoria tritici which remains good but crop monitoring is essential for Brown Rust (1.8). It is a good diversification partner for Yellow Rust and the resistance is holding up well despite early observations of seedling infection.

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