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 Breeder: Limagrain  Printable PDF
 Type: 2-Row Feed  Pedigree: Cantare x Celebrity

Variety Positioning

  • Continues to meet the requirements of the feed barley grower with its combination of high grain yield (100%), good all-round disease resistance and good grain quality (66.4 kg/hl).
  • It has an official recommendation for the West but it performs equally well in other regions. Some evidence to suggest that its best performance is on medium to heavier soils and it is the only two-row feed that is suitable for drilling from early-September onwards.
  • Very competitive against grass-weeds and, like Belfry and Bazooka, it is best used to maintain already-low weed populations. It is tall (91 cm) but has very stiff straw (8) and medium-early maturity. This, combined with good disease resistance, continues to attract growers as a very straightforward variety to grow.
  • It has good resistance to Mildew,Rhynchosporium and Net Blotch but more susceptible to Brown Rust than its official rating suggests.
  • Resistant to the commonly occurring strains of Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

Data source:

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