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Breeder: Elsoms Seeds  Printable PDF
Type: Group 4, Feed and Export Pedigree: Alchemy x Battalion


BenningtonVariety Positioning

  • A soft feed wheat with top level treated yields that have been consistently 7% higher than Leeds in Agrii trials over the last three years. Not suitable for distilling but very suitable for uks export. It has good physical grain quality that is similar to Leeds
  • Suited to all regions of the UK but it is still under evaluation in Scotland. It performs across soils with excellent performance on light soils in Agrii’s trials. There is evidence to suggest reasonable performance as a second wheat.
  • Bennington best drilled in the main drilling window from mid-September through to the end of October. Early indications suggest that it has a low tillering capacity so seed rates need to be increased. Results from Stow Longa show that it is very competitive against black-grass. It produces relatively tall, stiff straw but it is slightly later to mature (+3) than the official rating suggests.
  • Its has relatively high untreated yields with decent enough disease scores but Agrii ratings are generally lower than the official ones. It is particularly important to watch Yellow Rust (2.8) and Brown Rust (4.8) and factor these ratings into the foliar fungicide spray programme.
  • It is not resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

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