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Breeder: Limagrain Printable PDF
Region: UK WIDE Type: TuYV Tolerant Conventional

Variety Positioning

  • This was the first conventional variety with the Turnip Yellows Virus trait to be added to the UK Recommended List last year. It may also be the last as the breeder has decided to limit future access to this trait to their hybrids. The virus is now endemic across the UK and Agrii has shown that the trait can deliver 5% additional yield.
  • High gross output (101%), high untreated yields (97%) and high oil content (45.8%) in Agrii trials and one of the top two highest gross output conventional types on the UK Recommended List.
  • Suitable for all areas of the UK and all soils including fertile sites. It is an ideal variety for those looking to establish crops very early in the autumn. Early drilling is helped by its slower growth habit, excellent disease resistance, stiff canopy (9) and TuYV resistance.
  • Relatively short (147 cm) with excellent lodging resistance (8), early flowering (7) and mid-maturity (5). Outstanding disease resistance against Light Leaf Spot (7), which is now of national significance, and Phoma/Stem Canker (6). Agrii trials also showed excellent tolerance to Verticillium Wilt.

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Ratings in red = Agrii Advisory List