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Regional Suitability: NORTH Pedigree: Clubroot Hybrid



ArchimedesVariety Positioning

  • Agrii’s leading clubroot resistant hybrid that has effectively replaced Cracker and Mentor in the North. In this region its very vigorous growth habit and good disease resistance are particularly attractive. When it is grown elsewhere in the UK its yield is behind both Mentor and Crome.
  • Clubroot is becoming more widely reported across the UK. It is important to remember that all of the current varieties share the same ‘Mendel’ genetics and, while this provides partial control of the disease, symptoms can still occur and other control measures must be used to mitigate against the disease including liming and extending the rotation.
  • Archimedes has one of the most vigorous and earliest growth habit of any variety in Agrii’s national trials network. It is suitable for the main drilling window and late drilling. It is
    very early to start regrowth in the spring and very early to flower and mature. It is a relatively tall variety but it is reasonably stiff and a PGR programme should still be considered to manage its height.
  • It has an excellent disease resistance package against both Stem Canker and Light Leaf Spot. It has average tolerance to Verticillium Wilt which is less important in the North.

# Agrii control yields (4.3 t/ha)