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Breeder: Limagrain Printable PDF
Regional Suitability: UK wide Type: Conventional

Anastasia OSRVariety Positioning

  • Anastasia is firmly established as a favoured conventional variety in the North. However, its northern listing has not limited interest elsewhere as it performs well right across the country and across all soil types. Best drilled in August in the main drilling window but also suitable for early-September drilling if conditions remain favourable.
  • Very vigorous in the autumn (8), hardy over winter and appears darker green in the spring compared with most other varieties. Moderately quick to grow away in the spring (6) to produce a medium height (132 cm), stiff canopy (9), good lodging resistance (9) and medium maturity (5).
  • A decent disease profile with especially good light leaf spot resistance (7) that still makes it the good choice for the North. In the South it is important to monitor and spray for phoma/stem canker (5), especially in smaller and less well-developed crops which are more prone to the disease. Excellent tolerance to Verticillium wilt.

Data source: and Agrii Advisory List

Conventional OSR

Filmed at Bishop Burton, Yorkshire – June 2021



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