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Regional Suitability: E&W Pedigree: Hybrid



AlizzeVariety Positioning

  • A very consistent hybrid with high yields and high oil content. Suitable for all regions but most of Agrii’s sales are in the South and West as faster developing hybrids are generally preferred in the North. It is definitely the best hybrid to come out of RAGT breeding programme so far with higher oils and better disease resistance than Arazzo and Windozz.
  • Performs across soil types and with excellent stem stiffness making it an ideal choice for heavy or more fertile soils. Good for early drilling and the main drilling window but other varieties are better suited to tougher conditions or the late drill slot. Relatively slow speed of development in the autumn but very fast to grow away in the spring and early to start flowering. It has a moderate canopy height that is very stiff and has medium maturity.
  • Alizze has one of the best Light Leaf Spot ratings of any hybrid currently on the Recommended List. This is a key agronomic feature and relevant to growers across the country as Light Leaf Spot is now endemic. With high oils and a stiff canopy it is an ideal choice for growers who grew Incentive and Wembley and who want to take advantage of better disease resistance.

~ The full AHDB dataset is available
# AHDB control Yields UK (5.4t/ha), E/W (5.4 t/ha), North (5.6 t/ha),
Agrii control yields (4.3 t/ha)