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Breeder: KWS Printable PDF
Type: Group 2, White wheat Pedigree: W175 x Horizon


Variety Positioning

  • A white wheat that can be grown on contract for a number of end-users in the Eastern
    counties. Good yields and outstanding physical grain quality. A true winter wheat with
    early maturity and therefore more likely to harvested in better conditions that later
    maturing spring wheat types.
  • Suitable only for the Eastern counties but can be grown across all soil types. A fast
    developing plant-type that is suitable for the main drilling window or later drilling. It is still
    under test at Stow Longa to evaluate its competitiveness against black-grass. It has stiff
    straw and is relatively early to mature.
  • Good disease ratings for the Mildew and Rusts but Agrii’s rating for Septoria tritici is lower
    (4) than its official rating. It has a good Hagberg Falling Number but, as all white wheat
    varieties are prone to sprouting, it requires priority at harvest.
  • It is not resistant to Orange Wheat Blossom Midge.

Data source: UK National List and Agrii’s National Trials Network