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N-Min Soil Nitrogen Service

40%* more accurate than RB209, N-Min ™ soil testing provides the most accurate measure of Soil Nitrogen

*CF Hillcourt data

Using Nutrients effectively has never been more important for growers and the environment. N-Min™, gives you the accurate information you can trust to help guide future cropping strategy & nutrient programs.

  • Better for the environment
  • Better for your business
  • Better for your crops

The Nitrogen Challenge

How can you get the right amount of N in your crop, in the most cost effective way whilst protecting the environment?

It’s all about balance:

Too much N
risks increasing losses of ammonia to the air, nitrate to water and Nitrous Oxide (N2O) to the atmosphere.

Too little available N means reduced yield, quality & profitability.

How N-Min™ Testing Could Reduce Input Costs by over £50/ha

Trials in OSR at Agrii-focus on high Organic Matter Soil (SOM 11%) were set up to investigate Nitrogen rates based upon soil Nitrogen measurements where the additional available Nitrogen (AAN) was taken into account as part of the Nitrogen recommendation and rates where the AAN figure was ignored.

Nitrogen rates were:

Recommended Rate – 140 kg/ha N
Recommended Rate without AAN – 220 kg/ha N

Cost-saving for extra Nitrogen – £52/ha

The graph shows that the optimum Nitrogen rate came from 140 kg/ha N and where 220 kg/ha N was applied, there was no additional yield.

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The most accurate measure of Soil Nitrogen levels

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