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  1. Innovative Arable Research Strategy Unveiled
  2. New Technology & Skills Centre Extends Agrii R&D Partnership at Bishop Burton College
  3. What came first – the chicken or the egg?
  4. Living Without Neonicotinoids
  5. Agrii North Agronomist scoops prestigious award
  6. New Precision Options from SoilQuest
  7. Master Seeds app fine tunes seed rates
  8. Grant Opportunity – Don’t miss out

What came first – the chicken or the egg?

Producing a profitable crop means identifying the best market, selecting the appropriate variety for that market, maximizing the margin over input cost with a tailored Crop protection programme, including seed treatment choice and soil management – But where do you start?

As part of a new integrated agronomy initiative to address this challenge Agrii have introducing a completely new timing to their crop protection programmes T(-1) – To ensure that crop protection starts with the seed as the first part of the annual agronomy programme – rather than the last part of the seed purchase process. Followed by an approach which recognises the importance of growers and agronomists working together, over the whole crop cycle from initial planning and sowing decisions through to harvest and storage – to deliver the greatest value at the least risk.

The Seed is the crop – Ask us what we can do for you

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