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  1. Building better Agri Intelligence
  2. Grateful for rain on the 15 tonne plots
  3. Welcome to our Summer 2012 ‘Journal’
  4. Cotswold challenges
  5. Agrii launch new environmental development site
  6. Agrii Farm Saved Seed Processing Service
  7. Agrii at the heart of Grassland
  8. New Varieties for Autumn 2012 Sowing
  9. Agronomy plus Precision
  10. Promoting Stewardship
  11. Combined research adds value
  12. Local innovation at AgriiFocus
  13. Future thinking, traditional values
  14. Take Off boost for Wheat and OSR

Take Off boost for Wheat and OSR

Becci Shrimpton – Regional Seed Manager

Take Off is a Phosphite +PGA based Seed Treatment. During the emergence and establishment phase each seedling has a high P demand which can often be limited by a small root mass, soil type, temperature and moisture status.

With this in mind we know Take Off can provide the following benefits to crops:-

Agrii recommends using Take Off on most crops, including cereals, OSR, linseed and most recently, maize.

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