Table of Contents

  1. Innovative Arable Research Strategy Unveiled
  2. Late Autumn Seed Choices
  3. Non-compliance still costing farmers
  4. New Precision Options from SoilQuest
  5. Case Study SoilQuest Delivers for Essex Farmer
  6. Agrii announces new partnership with Dutch Plantin
  7. Agrii at the National Fruit Show 2013

New Precision Options from SoilQuest

SoilQuest is Agrii’s Precision Agronomy System, providing agronomists, farmers and growers with accurate information about their soils on which to base profitable decisions.

Currently working with a significant numbers of our customers across the East, SoilQuest uses Veris scanning and detailed analysis to produce soil maps and management zones within fields, which when integrated with variable rate equipment can apply inputs in a much more targeted and cost effective way.

Agrii’s SoilQuest service offers three options to gather data and provide advice, allowing us match your specific requirements.


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