Table of Contents

  1. Getting to Grips with Early Wheat Management
  2. Looking forward in 2013
  3. Local Agronomy Outlook
  4. Pull it up or leave it alone?
  5. Farm Saved Seed – a positive alternative to Certified Seed
  6. Agrii R&D insight – Soil Management For Blackgrass Control
  7. Information Overload – It’s Decisions That Count
  8. AgriiFocus Update

Looking forward in 2013

Robert Baker – Business Development Manager

Our technical team have spent the winter months trawling our R&D database and constructing an innovative technology portfolio to ensure the local Agrii agronomy team are fully equipped to support customers with the complex decisions that face us with the range of crops we have across the region. This is the sort of year when experience and replicated trials data will prove their worth and in Agrii, we are leaving no stone unturned in order to provide you with the best solutions this spring.

We hope to see you at our spring and summer events where we can discuss management options as crops develop through the season. This includes the opportunity to follow our Best of British 15t/Ha Wheat Challenge, where we are combining a range of innovative management techniques to push crop potential to new levels. Dates of forthcoming events are shown on page 5.

Best wishes for the season ahead from the Agrii West Team.

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