Table of Contents

  1. Event Update Previews
  2. Winter Barley the better choice for oilseed rape entry?
  3. Spring Crop Options
  4. Grant Opportunity – Don’t miss out
  5. Greater Precision in Soil Understanding
  6. Nutrition trials deliver significant benefits
  7. Innovative Arable Research Strategy Unveiled
  8. Late Autumn Seed Choices
  9. Non-compliance still costing farmers
  10. New Precision Options from SoilQuest
  11. Variations on a theme of Strip Tillage
  12. AgriiFocus research Update
  13. Living Without Neonicotinoids
  14. Cotswold preview from Oliver Fairweather
  15. Wilton preview from Thomas Goodman
  16. ‘Volatility’ remains at the heart of the grain market in this new era
  17. R&D Day gives food for future OSR thought
  18. AgriiFocus Update
  19. Getting to Grips with Early Wheat Management
  20. Looking forward in 2013
  21. Local Agronomy Outlook
  22. Pull it up or leave it alone?
  23. Farm Saved Seed – a positive alternative to Certified Seed
  24. Agrii R&D insight – Soil Management For Blackgrass Control
  25. Information Overload – It’s Decisions That Count
  26. AgriiFocus Update
  27. Are there any lessons to be learnt?
  28. Dates for your diary – Trial Events Autumn / Winter 2012
  29. Testing conditions in South Wales
  30. From Smart Farms to R&D Sites
  31. Brackley OSR trials – a cut above the rest!
  32. Regional nutrition trials fill the gap
  33. Standing up for farming
  34. Agrii Launch E-Journal
  35. What’s happening at your local Agrii autumn event?
  36. Fertiliser finance with Agrii
  37. Agrii supports official trials system for grass and clover varieties
  38. AgriiFocus – Western Technology Centre
  39. Establishing crops for 2013
  40. Welcome to our Summer 2012 ‘Journal’