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  1. It’s not too late – seed choices for late autumn
  2. Ease input cash flow
  3. Sulphur focus in oilseed rape – Fincham R&D site
  4. Upcoming Agrii Events for Autumn 2012
  5. Highlighting improvement opportunities – the Agrii Initiative
  6. Standing up for farming
  7. New Entry Level Stewardship options from January 2013
  8. SoilQuest get behind the combines – Harvest 2012
  9. Supporting growing decisions, Case study – Hush Heath Manor
  10. Vegetable herbicide trials on show

Highlighting improvement opportunities – the Agrii Initiative

Whilst arable crop values have improved in recent years, the need to optimise inputs and identify management practices that lead to successful crops is a major objective on most farms.

In response to this, we are compiling a database of arable crop performance across our region, to equip Agrii customers and agronomists with a unique management tool to support decision-making and maximise farm gross margins.

Agrii customers have the opportunity to take part in this initiative. Those taking part will receive a regional and an individual farm report that incorporates regional farm data, as well as results taken from the Agrii R & D trial sites (Agrii have the most extensive trials network in the UK incorporating 50,000 trials plots), weather data from Agrii’s extensive weather network and advice from industry leading experts. This will allow participants to work with their Agrii Agronomist and help them to target management attention on areas where the best opportunity exists, thus allowing them to maximise farm profit and manage future farming challenges.

If you would like to participate in this initiative and are not doing so already, please speak with your Agrii Agronomist.

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