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  1. Building better Agri Intelligence
  2. Grateful for rain on the 15 tonne plots
  3. Welcome to our Summer 2012 ‘Journal’
  4. Cotswold challenges
  5. Agrii launch new environmental development site
  6. Agrii Farm Saved Seed Processing Service
  7. Agrii at the heart of Grassland
  8. New Varieties for Autumn 2012 Sowing
  9. Agronomy plus Precision
  10. Promoting Stewardship
  11. Combined research adds value
  12. Local innovation at AgriiFocus
  13. Future thinking, traditional values
  14. Take Off boost for Wheat and OSR

Agrii launch new environmental development site

Oliver Hauxwell, Agronomist and Laura Francis, CFE Co-ordinator

New site at Buckinghamshire

In partnership with DLF Trifolium and by kind permission of Waddesdon Estate, Agrii have set up our first environmental development site in Buckinghamshire. We will use the site to develop best practice guidelines which focus on establishment, weed control and nutrition in game cover and stewardship crops. Stewardship and game cover crops are a feature of many farms across the region and could become even more of a focus post CAP reform.

Innovative R&D projects such as this one enable Agrii to provide not only information on the best way to grow these crops but also to quantify the level of investment required to do the job properly. Having access to  this sort of information means growers can make accurate decisions on the financial viability of Environmental Stewardship on their farms based on real life data.

The site is not an easy one and challenges to be addressed include blackgrass control and spring cropping on heavy land. However, we look forward to welcoming you to our site and sharing our experiences.

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