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  1. Building better Agri Intelligence
  2. Grateful for rain on the 15 tonne plots
  3. Welcome to our Summer 2012 ‘Journal’
  4. Cotswold challenges
  5. Agrii launch new environmental development site
  6. Agrii Farm Saved Seed Processing Service
  7. Agrii at the heart of Grassland
  8. New Varieties for Autumn 2012 Sowing
  9. Agronomy plus Precision
  10. Promoting Stewardship
  11. Combined research adds value
  12. Local innovation at AgriiFocus
  13. Future thinking, traditional values
  14. Take Off boost for Wheat and OSR

Agrii at the heart of Grassland

Tim Martyn, Agrii Consultancy Services

Grassland 2012 wasn’t just a rain swept day; it followed an unprecedented month of rain that resulted in all the working demonstrations being cancelled and the event being held on the main Bath and West showground. The visitor numbers were significantly lower as a result but the Agrii and SoilQuest stand, which exhibited the importance of good soil nutrition and structure as well as the benefits of reseeding exhausted swards, attracted a lot of interest.

The Consultancy Services from Agrii presented their livestock support offer and the new Precision Herd Development package, as well as demonstrating all the other areas in which they offer support and advice. Rob Mintern (ACS) delivered a seminar presentation on ‘The economic value of utilising grassland’ highlighting the need to ensure the good health of livestock in order to get the most from grazed and conserved crops.

For any enquiries in regard to the new precision herd development package please contact Rob Mintern telephone 07545 927496 email

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