Agrii West Spring 2014

Welcome to our Summer 2012 ‘Journal’

As you read this I hope you will be up to date with your cereal fungicide spraying!

Cotswold challenges

The weather conditions to date have had a large impact on the trials at the Cotswold R&D site.

Regional nutrition trials fill the gap

Crop nutrition is as important as crop protection, however research has been sadly lacking in recent times.

What’s happening at your local Agrii autumn event?

What to expect at your local Agrii autumn event.

Pull it up or leave it alone?

Many agronomists and growers will be making a judgment over the viability of their oilseed rape crops in early February, prior to the first application of Nitrogen.

AgriiFocus Update

We have set ourselves the challenge to achieve 15t/ha of wheat and the AgriiFocus site, our Western Technology Centre…

Wilton preview from Thomas Goodman

With the recent good weather the Wilton iFarm has broken from its winter dormancy, albeit a month later than normal. The warmth and sunshine has triggered the growth we so desperately needed, with leaf three half emerged on many of the winter wheat varieties and flowering underway on the oilseed rape. Winter Wheat With leaf […]

‘Volatility’ remains at the heart of the grain market in this new era

The risk and financial impact on your arable business continues to be dominated by world market volatility. The savage swings in weather patterns around the globe, are proving to pose a consistent threat to production in the major producing regions and affecting what historically have been stable supplies. The key to risk management is to […]

Non-compliance still costing farmers

Failures of cross compliance inspections in 2012 have recently been published by the RPA (  The results show poor record keeping was the major factor in cross compliance breaches costing farmers £1.4 million in reductions to their Single Payment Scheme (SPS). Changes have been made to cross compliance rules in the past year, primarily around […]

New Precision Options from SoilQuest

SoilQuest is Agrii’s Precision Agronomy System, providing agronomists, farmers and growers with accurate information about their soils on which to base profitable decisions. Currently working with a significant numbers of our customers across the West, SoilQuest uses Veris scanning and detailed analysis to produce soil maps and management zones within fields, which when integrated with […]

Agrii launch new environmental development site

Agrii have set up our first environmental development site in Buckinghamshire.

Agrii Farm Saved Seed Processing Service

Agrii offers a unique combination of ‘integrated’ agronomy and variety management that ensures you receive the best results.

New Varieties for Autumn 2012 Sowing

Each year we see a new wave of varieties hit the market. So what is available for 2012?

Testing conditions in South Wales

The South Wales R&D site focus on Winter Wheat and Winter Barley trials.

Establishing crops for 2013

As we start to consider establishing crops for harvest in 2013 we draw your attention to our nutrition check list.

AgriiFocus – Western Technology Centre

Following a number of low disease pressure years we will learn a lot from this year’s fungicide trials.

Farm Saved Seed – a positive alternative to Certified Seed

Cropping plans on many farms have changed dramatically this spring and this in turn has led to supply challenges…

Information Overload – It’s Decisions That Count

Today’s world is brimming with information – whether you choose to get yours on-line, in-print…

R&D Day gives food for future OSR thought

Little agronomic differences can add-up to big winter oilseed rape performance benefits when the going gets tough, growers discovered at a specialist research and development day held at our AgriiFocus Technology Centre in Wiltshire in May.

AgriiFocus Update

With the AgriiFocus open day on 4th July fast approaching, Dr Syed Shah (AgriiFocus R&D Manager) takes a looks at each crop on trial this summer. We look forward to seeing you there!

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