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iFarm Facebook Pages

Agrii Bartonfields Team

Agrii’s Bartonfields team is based near Derby. The team recently moved to a new iFarm location near Church Broughton in Derbyshire and a Facebook page has been created to keep local farmers up to date with developments and events at the new site.

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Agrii Finmere Team

Agrii’s Finmere team is based near Buckingham. Like the Finmere Team Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest progresses at the team’s local Brackley and Winderton iFarms, and give your feedback on the sites.

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Black Isle iFarm

Located in the heart of the Black Isle and accessible from Easter Ross and the Moray coast, Agrii’s northern most iFarm has a firm focus on demonstrating integrated agronomy solutions for high gross margin outcomes. Site layout includes seed treatments, seed rates, crop protection programmes and tailored nutrition comparisons – taken to yield.

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South West iFarm

Agrii iFarms shine a light on how new innovations can be adopted into real farming practice. This is no different at the South West iFarm located in Somerset. Like the Facebook page to keep track of the trial progress throughout the season and get information on upcoming events.

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Turriff iFarm

Agrii iFarms are a network of sites across the UK, hosted by Agrii clients, where local growers can view agronomic demonstrations and share best practice. This Facebook page will keep you up to date with news and developments from the Turriff iFarm located in Aberdeenshire.

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