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I provide agronomy, crop nutrition and seed to growers across West & South Yorkshire and write a regular column in Farmers Guide magazine.

Sam Patchett Blog: Moving on from the wettest Spring since the 80’s

May 14, 2018

AGRONOMY UPDATE – NORTH Sam Patchett and his growers are facing-up to the coldest, wettest spring many can recall since the early 80’s with clear priority setting, the greatest flexibility and more than a little fervent hope. Things dried out… Read more

Sam Patchett Blog: Gearing up for a busy Spring agronomy season

March 1, 2018

We’ve a larger area of spring cropping to go in than we would have had without the autumn monsoon. Variable depth sowing into less-than-ideal November seedbeds meant we couldn’t risk pre-em treatment.  So early spring weed control will be our… Read more

Sam Patchett Blog: Little let-up in rainfall causing concern

November 2, 2017

Since I last wrote everything has just got wetter and wetter. Going into mid-October there are still some spring beans and linseed to harvest up here. And cultivating heavy ground – let alone drilling it – is proving a real… Read more

Sam Patchett Blog: Appreciating favourable establishment conditions

September 18, 2017

Our autumn plantings have started off on a much better note this season thanks to the moisture we have in the ground. Thankfully too, coming off the back of a dry season, most of our land is in pretty good… Read more

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