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April 4, 2013

Trials Update from Throws Farm

This month I had been hoping to give you an update on the progress of spring drilling and the start of growth of the winter crops.  Unfortunately, the view out of our window is still a bit on the snowy side.  Therefore, the progress of drilling and early spring applications has been hindered.  On the bright side, the majority of iFarms and Technology Centres around the country should now have their spring seed ready to be drilled as soon as they are able.

Along with spring seed distribution the main task this month has been application of fertiliser to our WOSR and Cereal trials.  With the prevailing weather conditions making it difficult for machinery to travel, the majority of fertiliser has been spread by hand.  The trials this year also incorporate a number of liquid fertilisers which we have been applying through our hand sprayers adapted for use with dribble bars.

We have also moved ourselves to a new office (the farm house at Throws).  This is in preparation for the site redevelopment that will be taking place here over the next couple of years.  At the end of which we will have a modern, well equipped trials base that will allow us to expand our trials capability considerably.

Meet the Team!

Hello I’m Sam.  I am one of the data analysts here at Throws where I have now been working for the last 4 years.  I take protocols and turn them into working documents (ARM) so that we can then produce labels for weighing out seed, chemicals or fertiliser.  This also produces field labels which identify the plots for spraying and assessments.  Also I produce assessment sheets and plans for data collection from the trials.  After harvest or when all the assessments have been completed I analyse the data and produce a report.

I am also responsible for producing field maps and plans. I use Google Earth to get an image of the trials field and then take measurements from this to calculate what area we are able to use. Following this I configure the individual trial layouts to make the most effective use of the field area. I also make the tea and coffee for the team most mornings!